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My review of the Andy show in Covington Kentucky!

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My review of the Andy show in Covington Kentucky!

Post by Anthony on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:22 pm

Hey there fellow Andy Fans (Fandys), I wanted to write up a quick review of giving Andy the letters from the "Dear Andy Project" as well as the events that went down that day.

After a almost five hour drive down to Kentucky, strange rest stops, and creepy biker guys I finally arrived to the theatre. The town was called Covington and was probably one of the driest towns you could possibly imagine, their Starbucks was even closed, and this was a Saturday..

I arrived to the show to see Emily and Sarah already awaiting the great arrival of the Andy Grammer :p. I had a bag full of cookies, fan mail, and a playlist for them that I burned so they could listen to it. Emily, Sarah, and I hung around outside the venue for a while meeting other Andy fans and passing out posters and free Andy Grammer downloads that I received from S-Curve. After an hour Andy's tour manager, Ahmed, came out to get me and let me into see the soundcheck which was wicked awesome!!!! Once soundcheck was over and Andy saw me from the stage saying HEY!!!! followed by Zach saying ANTHONY!!! it was already off to a good start.

After they were finished with soundcheck I hung around with Andy and Zach for a while and we all went up to the front to see all of the people lining up. Andy was nice and went outside to meet some fans but the door doesn't actually open back up once you leave so Andy was locked out until I let him back in.. lol. We all stood around the merch table for awhile just chilling with Emily and Sarah. Andy left to go and relax in the green room and Zach and I followed. I spent over three hours just hanging out with Andy, Zach, and Ahmed in the green room and it was pretty awesome. I gave Andy the fan mail and he was soooo excited!!! Andy read a few of them and he was really touched by some of the things you all said.

After an hour I interviewed Zach, which you can view here -
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Once the interview was over I still chilled back there and Zach and I ended up going around to find a place to get food and found a pretty awesome bar thathad some pretty awesome food and awesome fans (actual fans, not like fans of Andy) lol. We brought the food back to the theatre and there was only a few minutes until the show was going to start so making sure to get to the front of the theatre was a must lol.

The show was great, Andy covered Sunday Morning by Maroon Five, as well as played some of everyones favorite tracks like Ladies, Keep Your Head Up, Miss Me, The Pocket, Biggest Man in L.A and debuted his new song Takes Me Away which will be on the second album Smile.

Overall a great and awesome show!!


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