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The Truth behind Andy's Song Ladies

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The Truth behind Andy's Song Ladies

Post by Anthony on Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:15 am

DISCLAIMER - this is just an interpretation of what this song could mean, please do not take it literal in any way!

Okay, so we all know and love his song Ladies and we all know it is about his Mom, but there is something else you should know. Ladies has a hidden meaning behind it, or so I think based on his religion.

Andy belongs to a religion known as Bahai', the religion believes in the equality of women in the world. Now, I started to put two and two together, in recent interviews like the Drop he has said that his mom would have meetings at their house with women in the neighborhood and that she was very much about the empowerment of women. Soooo this brings me back to what the Bahai religion stands for which leads me to no other explanation behind his song Ladies than the song is actually used to promote the morals represented by the Bahai religion. I for one do not have a problem with that and I couldn't agree more with his song Ladies and what it stands for.

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