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Let's get Andy on a big radio station!

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Let's get Andy on a big radio station!

Post by Anthony on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:07 am

Hey everyone, the radio station 955 WPL Radio is holding a contest to have a up close and personal concert and this is the perfect way we can promote Andy. Now in order to make this happen what you need to do is make a twitter account if you do not already have one. From there, make a tweet deck account and set it up so that your tweets send out automatically. Directions can be found below.

Sign up for tweetdeck [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] this is a desktop application that you don't have to download. If you have Mozilla 4 or Google Chrome you can get it as an app.

Step 1. In TweetDeck, open the Scheduling Window. In the top window where you compose your Tweets, click on the alarm clock icon.

Step 2. An overlay window will appear over your Tweet composition window. Here’s where you can pick the day and the exact time you want your Tweet to be sent out. Simply click on the date area and a calendar will popup, or click the time area to set your time (NOTE: Tweetdeck uses military time, so if you schedule an evening tweet, use this convention). Click Set Time.

Step 3. The overlay window will disappear and where you normally click Send to publish your Tweet, the button now displays at what time and day the Tweet will be sent. Click it to schedule your Tweet:

Step 4. If you start to schedule a lot of Tweets, you’ll forget about when and what you’ve scheduled (trust me). So I keep a column open in TweetDeck that lists all of my scheduled updated. Here’s how you do it. Click on the Add Column button in the upper left corner of TweetDeck.

A popup window will appear with a whole bunch of different choices. Click Core first, then click Scheduled Updates at the bottom of the window.

TweetDeck will open up a column that looks like this, where you can view ALL of your scheduled Tweets in one place.

- Now that you have basic fundamentals the tricks are making a lot of twitter accounts which can be done easily by going to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for disposable e-mails and you cna make multiple twitter accounts and add them to your tweet deck. Make sure to only use about two accounts so they won't get pissed at us or Andy.

In the tweet put @955WPLJradio we want #AndyGrammer at the personal concert.

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