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If Andy headlines his tour what would you want to see? Decorations, theme etc?

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If Andy headlines his tour what would you want to see? Decorations, theme etc?

Post by Anthony on Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:28 am

I've been thinking about this for a while and that is Andy headlining his own tour. Let's face it the majority of the people there are not there to see the headliners and are there for Andy. Now I believe he needs to release a second single asap since Keep Your Head Up has lost any steam and has been the only single off the album since November 2010. My choice for a 2nd single is Miss Me. I personally feel that Miss Me and You Should Know Better are the strongest songs on the album and would do really well on the radio...

Okay for the tour, I would like to see some cool lights and Andy moving around a little more instead of just playing guitar and piano because some more crowd interaction goes a long way. I know he doesn't exactly do rock or music that gets people up and jumping around but it wouldn't hurt for him to release an album with a few top 40ish songs on it just to bring more energy to the show. I think he needs to stick to house of blue type of venues. It's a good fit for him. Yeah, more lights, full band, Andy playing Slow, You Should Know Better and Lunatic would also be a nice plus and maybe even the electirc guitar or banjo? I think that could be kind of cool.

What are your thoughts?

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