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Personal Interview with Andy!

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Personal Interview with Andy!

Post by Chels on Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:39 am

I actually interviewed Andy as primary research for a persuasive essay I had for my college rhetoric and writing class back in July. Because I am currently procrastinating on homework due tomorrow morning, I thought some of y'all may want to read. :)

1. How were you exposed to music? What made you want to pursue it as a career?
My dad is a musician so i grew up around him playing and doing it as a career.

2. How/when were you discovered/implemented into the music industry stream?
I had been doing my own thing for a while. College touring, playing out on the street and in clubs in LA. I wrote a song called "Keep your head up" and things really started moving after that. I got signed and its been playing on the radio :)

3. What group, style, or genre do you consider your music to be in? Why?
Not really sure. I love acoustic guitar stuff, Piano rock and hip hop. So hopefully a mashup of all those.

4. What are your opinions of today's music industry? What is good about it? What needs changes or improvements?
The music industry is forgoing a cleansing. The days of making tons and tons of money are dwindling so anyone in the game really has to LOVE music. If you are chasing money then get into tech :)

5. What are your career goals for the future?
Play to as many people as possible. I am loving just getting to play shows to more and more people. My goal is to continue to grow in my craft and hopefully get the opportunity to play.

6. What do your fans mean to you? How do you interact with them?
Fans are your customers, but they are more then that. They are the group of people that allow me to do what i love. They mean everything to me. I try to interact as much as i can and make sure they are happy.

7. And finally: what does music mean to you? Why do you play?
I play music as a way of experiencing and analyzing life. I think we all do that. If you are at a party the music is adding to the experience. A deep lyric helps you understand the break up you are going through at that moment. A happy summer song takes a good sunny drive to a GREAT sunny drive. To me music is the condiments to the burger of life.


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Re: Personal Interview with Andy!

Post by Anthony on Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:44 pm

Thanks chels!!!

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