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My weekend with Andy Grammer, Maria and Heather!!!

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My weekend with Andy Grammer, Maria and Heather!!!

Post by Anthony on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:34 pm

Hey everyone, wanted to fill you in a little bit on what happened this weekend with Maria, myself, and Andy Grammer.

It started out with the Florida trip on July 15th when I was able to win the radio contest to go and see andy at Mix 105.1 Orlando. The day was amazing, my parents and I arrived around 11:15 and we were served lunch, after we heard Andy had entered the building and was doing sound check, well I was more then thrilled about this. I was all ready in my Andy Grammer shirt, post cards in hand to pass out to the five others that were there as well as the fan DVD we all made. Andy performed three songs, The Pocket, Biggest Man in Los Angeles, and Keep Your Head Up as well as a short interview where we were allowed to ask questions. When Andy walked into the room though he saw me since I was first row and had a huge smile and say Hey Anthony!!!! Pretty much made my life. After he performed and such, we had a meet and greet with pictures, and me and Andy talked for a while which is when I presented him the DVD and he was more than happy to watch it that night. After Andy and I talked for a good 10 minutes, he said he would see me later that night since he was off to go and practice for the show.

Later on that day I met up with Maria and Heather at House of Blues in Downtown Disney for some dinner, and for early access to the show. After many calculations to figure out how we were going to find a way to all spend $20 to get in early we finally made it to the show after the waitress was very late with the check. WE got to the line and it was pouring on us, thankfully Maria and Heather had umbrellas so I joined them under it. Maria, Heather and I were passing out Andy Grammer post cards and playing Keep Your Head Up trying to stay dry. Maria also spun her umbrella and hit this poor girl, then spun it again and got the mom soaked with water... whoops lol.

Finally about 45 minutes later, we were allowed to walk into the House of Blues and got right in center stage in the front and were trying to pass out the post cards but a lot of people didn't want to take them, so instead we began talking to a lot of other people and found some very dedicated Andy fans who were very nice. we were also taking pictures and just messing around. Around 8:45 Andy had hit the stage, and performed his normal set list. Maria and Heather screamed over to Zach who was more then happy to see all of us. Andy kept looking right at us and smiling as well. After Andy was finished with his amazing set and the OHs and EHs were all accounted for Maria, Heather, and I who had all of the post cards and had trouble passing them out were then attacked by people who wanted the free download of the pocket and anything with Andy. I was literally circled by people who wanted these and ran out in 30 seconds.

We went up to the merch table to wait around and hang out with Zach and Mike while we waited for Andy to get claned up and come out after Kate's set. Andy came out and there were many people surrounding him wanting to get up close and personal. Since I already had met Andy and he knows who I am I didn't want to take away from anyone else that wanted to meet him and get pictures with him. This is when things go good, Natasha started and Ahmed came out and asked Maria and Heather to go back stage, but forgot about me. Andy however, specifically requested that I be brought back stage and was upset that I was initially there. (we have it on video :p) This made my life complete, I was backstage with Andy, Kate, Zach, Mike and a lot of other people. WE chilled and ate some really great chocolate that Zach gave me. Andy was more than amazing, he grabbed my fan video and brought out a mac book so we could watch it together. However half way through the video stopped working because the mac was low on battery and pretty old. Andy was so appreciative of all of you though for contributing to the video, and loves all of his fans so much! This weekend was great and after finding out that Andy's favorite iPhone app is Angry Birds I know more about what the next fan gift should be in the fall.

I thought I would share this all before I go on my cruise and don't have any internet connectivity besides my phone. What a Face

I will be posting pics and videos soon, and already have on my personal twitter which is @AnthonyPer0 so check it out for some awesome pics of Andy and myself! Smile

Thanks Andy Grammer Nation you guys are amazing!!!!! Wink

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